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Fields In Ireland

Belfast Castle by John_Images on Flickr.

Kenmare Bay by Dave Dillon on Flickr.

Sunrise on Inishmore, Aran Islands, Ireland Landscape Photography

Inishmore, Aran Islands. Sunrise. Irish Landscape Photography

You reblogged a picture called 'Husband Bridge, Dublin', I was wondering if you knew where that was located? Like more specifically than Dublin. Thanks

Asked by Anonymous

Hi! Thanks for the great question. I did a little research behind the picture and couldn’t find an exact location but I did find out that it is an art piece by the artist Evelyn Hofer. If you are interested in looking at her work I’ll put a link to her exhibition page HERE.

If any of my knowledgeable followers know where this is located, please drop me a line :)


Erin xx


The Beautiful “The Winding Stair” Bookshop on the Quays


Spring in St. Stephen’s Green


Belfast at Night


Week 14 Loughshinny at sunset (by Leo Bissett)


Blarney Castle (by dorameulman)