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Fields In Ireland

Cliffs of Moher by marykat74 on Flickr.


Wicklow way by Rusé on Flickr.

Hey guys!

I’ve recently noticed this post I put up a while ago has been getting some more activity. The problem is, someone has decided to delete the caption with the photographers credit and the source link. I am not happy about this as I spend a lot of time finding pictures that capture the beauty of Ireland, and always make sure to give credit to the artists behind the images, but when people take it upon themselves to delete these sources, the artist loses credit and I feel terrible. 

So, If you happen to see a post of mine where someone has deleted the source link, please send me a private message with the tumblr name so I can contact the person and see if we can get it sorted out. Overall, I am just very keen on making sure artists get their due credit. Thank you!

Erin xx

Kilkenny by ellibrennan on Flickr.

Ross Errilly by RX70 on Flickr.