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Fields In Ireland

untitled by Walter Quiet on Flickr. Japanese Gardens in Kildare Co.Kildare


ireland day2 by stacyvitallo on Flickr.

Here is the image, with the proper credit if you would like to delete the altered version and reblog the right one. (feel free to delete this secondary message, just please keep the credit!)

Thanks, everyone!! I really appreciate the help to keep intellectual property credited to the proper person!


The photograph of the Guinness factory has been getting a lot of notes recently, and I love that it is making people happy, but Tumblr user leonardobonelli has decided to delete the photographer’s credit from this post I made a while back. I am seeing it get a lot of reblogs from his site and I ask that if you see it, could you please add the photo credit I posted below so that Stacy Vitallo gets the recognition she deserves? Thanks all!

Photographers credit:

ireland day2 by stacyvitallo on Flickr.


Mach Thirty by claudiopro on Flickr.

Cliff Baths II by claudiopro on Flickr.